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Advantages of Online Scheduling

Teaching musical instruments and vocals to students is a fun, creative occupation that many aspire to have. While the teaching aspect is rewarding and enjoyable, one not so fun part about tutoring music is scheduling appointments. The conventional way of scheduling appointments takes up valuable time for music teachers and their staff as well as not having many benefits; this is why online scheduling is the way to go. In this article, we will outline five advantages of online scheduling for music teachers and why you should definitely consider it.

Top 5 Advantages of Online Scheduling for Music Teachers and Music Studios

1. Saves time for you and your staff

No one likes sitting on the phone or sending emails, this however, is the bleak reality of having a normal music schedule system. Student’s call-up or email to set and manage appointments, resulting in more laborious administrative work for teachers and/or staff. This consumes valuable time for those involved which could be better spent in many areas. For staff, it could mean more time to find clients and work on advertising. For teachers, it could mean fewer lessons in the day or a tighter schedule. While these issues face many, if not the majority of music teachers and their staff, it can be averted with an online scheduling system.

Online scheduling allows students to make and manage appointments online, reducing the number of phone calls and emails that need to be answered. This will free up a substantial amount of time and is highly convenient for both sides. If you want less time taking calls and emails and more time with your students, online scheduling is the best way to do that.

favorite_border Less time spent stressing. More time spent teaching.

new_releases Convenient for you and your students.

2. Makes taking reservations easier for your students

A traditional scheduling system with phone calls and emails require someone to be there to answer; this results in a lack of availability. It’s highly unlikely that you’re able to take phone calls or answer emails 24 hours a day. Even if it was done, it would be highly inefficient. Instead, students are required to make reservations when either you or your staff are available. This can be a hassle for students as they may not be able to book reservations at the available times. However, with an online scheduling system, students can book at any time of the day whenever they are available. This creates peace of mind for the student as they do not have to worry about missing a reservation because they were busy during the available booking times.

Along with being able to make reservations whenever it fits them, students no longer have to make phone calls or compose emails for their reservation as well. With an online scheduling system, a reservation can be made promptly and effortlessly. A booking made with a phone call or email can take considerably longer and requires more effort for the student. Overall, an online scheduling system makes reservations easier for your students. It allows them to make a booking in their own time and requires less effort.

nights_stay Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

sentiment_satisfied_alt Happier students and parents.

3. Online payments and monetary savings

Music tutoring payments are predominantly via a bank check or with cash. Payment with a bank check means you get your money once you are able to deposit the check, but it can take multiple days to arrive or bounce. It’s always great to have cash, but if you want to have it in your bank account, you have to manually take it to a bank. One great improvement of an online scheduling system is that it takes full advantage of online payments. Online payments allow for a fast and secure way to get paid. It goes straight to your bank account quickly and securely, which is very convenient.

Payment speed is also far greater than a typical bank check. Who doesn’t like receiving their income faster? Along with the security and speed of online payments, online scheduling can help you save money as well. Online scheduling requires no phone calls or emails, meaning the need for staff to answer is obsolete. This will save you highly in wages or you can set the staff to other tasks that will further improve the business.

favorite_border Secure online payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

account_balance_wallet Helps you save money and further improves your music teaching.

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4. Reduced cancellations

Many music teachers are paid after an appointment meaning clients can easily decide to cancel whenever they want; this is highly undesired and leads to less income in the long run. Cancellations can be greatly reduced by the student paying before the lesson as a prepayment. One of the best ways to start receiving prepayments is with an online scheduling system. When a student wants to make a reservation with online scheduling, they have to prepay to confirm the booking.

Since students would have already paid, they would have a substantial incentive to show up and not cancel. This means the student can advance in their instrument faster as they will show up to more lessons. If complications arise and the student is no longer able to show up, refunds can easily be issued. Overall, cancellations can be greatly reduced by utilizing prepayments with an online scheduling system. This would bring in more income for the teacher and staff as a student would cancel far less often. More lessons mean the student would accelerate through their chosen instrument faster.

credit_card Ensures you get paid and results in fewer cancellations.

cancel Professionally enforces your cancellation policy.

5. Better management of schedule and business

Managing your music schedule and general business can require a lot of work if not monitored and tracked properly. Using phone calls or emails to make appointments requires you or your staff to manually enter it in a document /calendar or note it down. If you want to further apply this to how it affects your business, which takes more work as well. Simply put, managing your schedule and business takes considerable effort. Even if this is done, the management system used could be highly inefficient. This is why online scheduling is an excellent option for all music teachers out there.

An online scheduling system uses the data from student’s reservations and other factors to generate reports and calendars. These will help you stay organized, track revenue and clients, and give you a better idea of where your business is heading. These generated documents can be given to staff so that the whole team knows what is going on and what improvements can be made. Many business flaws can fly under the radar when not properly monitored, but using online scheduling will help you notice and resolve these.

All in all, if you want better management of your music schedule and business, consider using online scheduling. It will help you and your staff stay organized and track how your business is performing.

event Helps you keep track of your schedule with an interactive calendar.

timeline Improves your finances with intelligent reports and tracking.


Overall, it is clear that online scheduling can greatly help out music teachers in a myriad of ways. Online scheduling saves you and your staff time by making phone calls and emails obsolete. It makes reservations easier for your students as they can book whenever they’re available and requires minimal effort. It makes use of fast and secure online payments and saves you financial costs. Finally, it gives you better management of your schedule and business by generating reports and calendars. With all these benefits and advantages, making the switch to an online scheduling system is an obvious decision that will greatly excel your music teaching business.

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